Some Ian Kelleher’s poems have previously been published in The Galway Review.

He lives in Co. Cork, Ireland. He is a graduate of University College Cork.


What if the dream world 
Is the real world,
And this one is fake…
People in dreamland 
Could be trying to make me
Come back to them,
Believing I’m spending too much time
In reality.

Morning Singer

It was decided for you by the Spheres
To be a morning singer, at least that’s the idea.
The wheel of fortune; blame it on the stars,
It was all you wanted, it was who you are.


Morning singer, 
Seagull is a peace bringer.
The sun is a life giver,
Sky is a mirror.

Dawn beginner,
See how the ocean shimmers.
See that the sun delivers,
Heaven is near.

Lyric book

Lyric book
Devours me.
Inner light, 
Inner peace.

Words rhyme
Like a meat hook.
Sink into
Another notebook.

Moon shines,
Stars are a picture. 
Think ink,
Kiss her. 

A photo still.
A page to cure
Every ill.