Ian Kelleher – Two Poems

Ian Kelleher is a singer-songwriter and poet from Co. Cork. He has previously been published on The Galway Review website as well as in The Galway Review 10 printed edition. He shares his poems and songs on his Youtube channel ‘Ian Kelleher’, and occasionally goes busking when the weather is good.

You just got lucky

Berries for breakfast,
Berries for tea.
Fear that the reaper
Is burying me.

A voice, it echoes
Around my skull.
My path has been chosen 
By a laughing gull.

Waves on the water, 
Salt in the sea, 
Plant in the field 
A sapling oak tree.

Diamonds and hearts,
Clubs and a spade,
Humans are dancing,
Fishy mermaids.

Tea break

For a second there is silence 
As I anticipate 
The flavours of the teabag:
A milky brown drink 
Which smells burned and bitter, 
With a smoky taste
As it touches the tongue 
Making a slurping sound. 
I put my feet up:
Get the phone;
Look up something. 




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