Claire Thom – Three Poems

Claire Thom is a Scottish writer based in the south of Spain. She is the founder and editor of The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press.

Some of her poems have been published by Blood Moon Poetry, Sunday Mornings At The River, Trash Panda, Blithe Spirit, Lighten Up, Duck Head Journal, Soor Ploom, and Querencia Press.

She has work forthcoming with Dark Thirty Poetry, The Black Cat Poetry Press, and Dreich Mag. Five of her poems were long-listed for the Erbacce Poetry Prize in 2021.

Claire is also a Kyoto Haiku Project ambassador, and a member of The British Haiku Society.

Time Out

You sent me flying across the room once,
but I didn´t break.
You´ve sworn at me on countless occasions,
but I am still here.
You often smack me hard, right on my head,
but I forgive you.

Are you so angry with the obelisk´s shadow?
Would you dare to hurl precious grains of sand
and watch the glass shatter?
Do you swear at the arrangement of the stars or
punish the seasons as they pass the baton?

I wake you up with a gentle beep,
and remind you you´re late when you snooze.
I have a light in the dark sleepless hours,
but I don´t choose the time.

Hold my hours in your hands
without so much haste.
Meditate on my minutes
and be soft-hearted
to my sacred seconds.
There´s always time.

Before The House Wakes Up

Clock face
Drowsy drapes
Between being
And doing
Espresso sparrows
Cappuccino clouds
On toast

Sea View

Shark fin sails
slowly slice
left to right.

A straight line cutting
through the blue horizon.
My eyes, half-moons,

Buoys bob
and nod.
Sleepy dinghies

Crafty cormorants
dip, dive
in search of dinner.

Time slows –
nowhere to go
or be.
Just me –
on this bench
by the sea.





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