Ian Kelleher – Five Poems

Ian Kelleher is a singer-songwriter and poet from Co. Cork. Some of his poems were previously published in The Galway Review.

He lives in Crosshaven where he spends his time dreaming up of lyrics, drinking coffee, and wandering lonely as a cloud.

A Spanish Folkie

Carve a heart
Out of a triangle,
Music and lyrics
Become so entangled.

Love is a craft,
You’re a starving artist. 
You’re writing a song
That’s made out of stardust.


Crows circle. 
Neat lines. 
Poison wine.

Add me up,
I’m a sum.
Psychotic rage,
Blind and dumb. 

Tell me lies, 
Teardrops fall
Like mistakes. 

Silent words,
Small details.
Distract me
Now my prayer fails.

Distract me 
Now my prayer fails.
Silent words,
Small details.


My brain floods 
With ideas,
A stain of blood 
Between my ears.

A brain drain,
Oxygen, tears.
Creative pain,
Asylum years.

Winter Girl 

Winter girl,
Come with me.
I’m a travelling poet 
In need of company.
I’ll give you wine
And bread
For a song
About the dead.

Winter girl, 
Don’t kiss me.
You’ve been married many years
Like me.
I’ll make the bed,
Give you roses. 
I’ll sing the songs
Of Moses.

Winter girl,
Stay with me. 
There’s a fire and a book
And many nights of mystery.
There’s time to kill
And your looks;
There’s meat upon
The hook.

Winter girl,
Painting me.
There’s your husband 
In the cemetery. 
I’ll take an axe
And cut some wood;
My rotten heart 
Is where it should be.


Twilight settles 
On my mind. 
Time escapes. 
Reaper sings
My song.

Over the edge 

Devil in my gut 

Coffee grounds,





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