Rosemary Kelly is a poet and scholar from Cork. Graduating in pre-pandemic 2020 with an MA in medieval and renaissance literature, Rosemary balances her work between academia and creative pursuits in poetry and occasional short stories. Her academic interests include studies of gender and masculinity in Old English and Old Norse literature, as well as a vested interest in translations and its effects. A proud Cork woman, Rosemary has previously published in Southword (2014), Quarryman VI (2020), and UCC Express (2016).


Oh Zelda, Zelda!
Balancing on the threadbare fringes of existence,
digging for the void in which my heart can bury itself

Burning, burning!
A pendulum of seared skins,
the missing faces,
a poignant red slipper pokes out beneath ash and
fallen roof tiles,

An Irish Socialite

She had a little tipple everyday-
cheeky gulps,
while chasing happiness in sparkling flutes,
drip drip drip.
Perhaps it is just prosecco madness,
the joy has drowned in sour bubbles.
Sweet, sweet love is lost
Sweet, sweet nothing.