Margaret Kiernan is 2021 Best of The Net Nominee for Creative Non-Fiction.

She writes fiction, non-fiction essay, memoir, and poetry. She has had poetry and prose published, in hardback, in e-book, online. Literary Journals and magazines.

She has multiple stories and poems in anthology collections and cultural publications…..

In the Silence of Trees

All is still, deep winter sleep shows
Spent leaves and scattered mast
Piled below a giant beech tree

Silence lies tangled
In brambles creeping through honeysuckle vines
Slurping ivy upon the Evergreens

Pale green lichen leeches upon an Oak tree
Weaved branches of low growth weave between holly
Transmuted light against the dark on pools of muddy water

Frewin Hill a silent sentinel above the lake
Faces east to mapped trails of mythical sites
Ancient Camino trails to places east

To the Cailleach at Lough-crew
On to Tara, Knowth, Dhowth, valley of the Boyne.
But here all is silent, even the woodpigeons are quiet.

Elegy to the Tent of Dreamers-


That gateau of delight
that would-be Galway girl.
Ladies air-borne by silk scarfs,
Lidl Gucci loafers,
sail across the Bally-brit mud.
Haltered fillies walk the circle
“Show your legs to the countryman”
Three to one on, bar the field.

In the democratic tent
City Burghers backslap the famous builders
and the Party man from Rosmuc,
the mayonnaise drips on his 1960;s wedding suit
a parcel of land in the right place.,
this year’s Yuppie in this year’s Audi,
the Hermes messenger,
the golden harp jutting
from the top pocket
of his Armani.
City and country align
for smooched sweet moments
Loudly greet that famous builder
within that glitzy tent.