Jenny Hickey – Three Poems

Jenny Hickey is a retired speech and language therapist living in Ballydehob, West Cork.

Her poetry is inspired by love, life, and locality. In better times, she read it at ScoraImageocht and Co. – a monthly gathering of local writers, singers and lyricists.

Some of her poems have been published in an anthology of their work; ScoraImageocht and Co. in Print.


I watch, distracted from my thoughts,
as they drive home points,
hammers hitting off their argument
with well-toned strokes.

This is no new task,
but one they work with practised skill,
each one using chosen tools to break the other’s will;
to place their levers in the cracks;
to chip around the edges of supporting facts.

I wait for the impending crash,
but they have built these walls before.
As they approach head-height,
one, or both of them, withdraw.


Last night I broke you.

Something inside me flipped
and I let loose a string
of angry arrows from my lips.
One of them hit
and your poor, gentle heart
got chipped.
I saw then, in your eyes,
the hurt surprise.

Tearing myself apart,
I searched the chambers of my heart
for string, for Selotape, for glue,
A little packet of Sugrue;
the things I need to mend you.

I found, instead, a truth:
in breaking you, it broke me too.

(Shards was previously published in ScoraImageocht and Co. in Print. 2020)

Cocooned. (For HJB.)

Shrink wrapped.
Swaddled in facts.

Beneath the bands of your concern
I feel the screw begin to turn.
I yearn.

Twisting, I test
the limits of this nest.

Swathed as I am in loneliness,
I must break free.
Without the opposing
force of others
I cease to be.





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