Shelley Corcoran has had her poetry published in Murze Art Magazine (, issues 11 and 12, her local newspaper, in the New Writing Talent section, as well as Life in Lockdown Exhibition (The Library Association of Ireland).

Dust Dance

by Shelley Corcoran

Watching the dust dance,
on the flush of rays,
that blaze through the window.
The world ceases to spin.
In that instant,
you are with me
for a moment.

I clutch that gravity
as tenderly as possible,
trying not to concede,
that it is not actuality.
With a far off stare, I can believe
it is reality,
for a moment.

Then it fades, you fade.
My heart breaks again.
Not like the first time,
when I thought
my mind was lost to me.
Now I just fall to pieces,
for a moment.