Coleen Jones – Three Poems

Coleen Jones is now at home in Cork having spent the better part of her life in Africa. Her interests  have straddled  mathematics, music, literature and psychology where she has worked both at secondary and tertiary level. Her recent children’s stories are a return to play and childhood, while her poetry encompasses “meaning-making” in a complex world.


Comet Wirtenan  


Comets                          come

And go

Visitations                                      from

Another             world


Deep dark space


Simple grit                      and ice

Blobs that                                         know their

Way around                                                             the cosmos

Follow                                                                    elliptical paths

To silent                                                           distant realms

Turn                                                  and return.

Gives me hope

That I too might

Find my way

Through time

And space.



[A response to Felix Mendelssohn’s

Fingal’s Cave Overture]  


Fingal’s Cave Overture

                                          ebbs and flows. Dark

                                                                        and foreboding at times, then suddenly

                                           the clarion of optimism

fills the air

                                             with hope; one grand crescendo.

                                                                     Then it retreats slowly, quietly

                                           back …back to the regular rhythm

  of times enfolded

                                    In clouds of cotton-wool stacked above

sultry softness,

                                           & slowly settling seas.


I luxuriate                 

                                     I wait, listen, I hear

                                                                        my heart skips a beat… I


pause, I breathe

                                           into the quiet and

await …

                                                                               the rush, the flooding fullness of the

incoming tide

                                           as it turns once again

                                                                        like Life…it retreats.


(Coleen Jones 1 November 2018.)


The Plenum 


Woven together days

Within the gossamer and

Wispy mists of whispered Aurora…


…Curtains folding &shafting

The sky, the heart, my heart lurching

At shared sightings!

Visible Blessings from above

Mystical, magical Multiverses

Flowing through the continuity

Of time…


…As I try to make sense of

And connect to everyone

Everything that is, that was and ever shall be



[Coleen Jones 27 November 2014: Tromso]

[To Pribram & Bohm “there is no such thing as a subject and object”]



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  1. if i remember right, these are called descriptive poems?

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