Sass O’Flynn grew up in the Wicklow mountains on a farm, racing horses and out in nature. Life growing up wasn’t easy. The educational system did not lend its self to supporting artistic nature or dyslexia. Sass finally found a place to excel. School of Arts in England. She studied Theatre, English and History. Sass headed to the US for a few years. She came to Galway for a weekend, played a role in the Town Hall Theatre. When she is not working, Sass is a Musician Singer Songwriter and Poet. What Joy!

Silky Sea

Dark Silky Sea,
Your tide is in.
Mouth full.
Pier lamp strains and yawns,
Soft glow across your skin.
Stretching outward on your blanket.
Cool December air.
Salty Scent laden on your breath.
You draw me close.
I breathe your moment given.
My moment is yours.
Gentle horse ripples white.
Lapping your shores with light.
Dark Silky Sea.
Dark Silky Sea.
Good Night.