Javed Latoo is a medical practitioner based in the UK. In his spare time, Dr Latoo writes poetry as a hobby. His poems have been published in literary journals and magazines ( both print and online) as well as in anthologies. Dr Latoo likes to use poetry to explore the philosophy of life, mental health and neuroscience. He likes to write in the language of ordinary people, about their everyday thoughts and about their ordinary insights. He manages a UK journal called “The Beautiful Space- A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry.”

How I saw you

How I saw you, a new age Cleopatra
With an Instagram profile,
Standing on the steps of a Sufi mausoleum.
A solitary moon, over the Baḥr Al-Nil,
Surrounded by longing, stars, followers.
A revelation, pregnant with
Beauty, mischief, mystery, and wisdom.
How I saw you, a blessing, delivered
On the sill of stretched nights,
To read you like a poem, watch you
Move your hands and lips
Watch the magic, unveiling, in your playful eyes
Smell your, inner, fragrance
Taste your, Mediterranean, mellowness
Hear you like an Azan.
How I discovered you carrying, a soul
Of Anath, roses in one hand and a lance in another.
How I saw you,  becoming
A sprinkle of dew for
The arid fields of a mind, triggering
A new Odyssey
Filled with Pyramids of joy and tribulations.

(Autumn Muses 2018)

1. Bahr Al-Nil is an Arabic name for the River Nile 
2. Anath (Anat) was a Semitic goddess of love and war.

Copyright © Dr Javed Latoo 2018

For The Galway Review 7, (Printed Edition)