A Thank You Letter to the Editors of ‘The Galway Review”

A Thank You Letter to the Editors of ‘The Galway Review”

Refki Gollopeni, a Kosovar painter, head of the arts department in the Directorate of Culture in the Sports and Youth of Suhareka commune in Kosovo and friend of the deceased poet Ragip Sylaj extends his heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to the editors of the Irish literary magazine “The Galway Review” for the article commemorating the Kosovar poet.
“As a close friend of Ragip Sylaj and as a painter I would like to express my gratitude to the editorial staff of “The Galway Review” for your cooperation with the poet Ragip Sylaj and for extending your condolences and compassion to us”. “It is a pleasure”, said Mr Gollopeni, “to see Kosovar poets having their contributions published in “The Galway Review” and we are hopeful that this happy situation for our writers will continue into the future ”.




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