Sinéad Nic Síoda studied English, Theatre and Film at Swansea Metropolitan University, graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in 2002. She was a Secondary level school Teacher of English in the UK until 2010, before returning, with her son, to her place of birth, in Co Clare. Sinéad is currently an active member of the Poetry Collective, formerly known as Three Legged Stool Poets, and is the proprietor of the Record Break Café and Arts venue, in Ennis.

Black Rose Tattoo

Needles buzzing a monotonous hum
Penetrates my flesh on bone, emphatic,
Bee colony, trillion times pinched tight, stung,
Painted art, of plum ink, emblematic
His tribal Branding burns a blood black rose,
Worn bold as a birth mark, my stained stained skin
Like ancestry this destiny’s bestowed
Outwardly now, immesurable love within
Aged ancient Eiru, mo inis aonar

Our Roisin dubh our night unfolding love

Assembled near Bru Na Boinne, in fair prayer

Perfected like wings of the morning dove

The suns’ crown’s stuck in this mountain – Rise!

Rise as roses rise towards Ireland skies