Gloria D. Gonsalves, also fondly known as Auntie Glo, is a multi-published author, poet and founder of, an initiative aimed at instilling the love of poetry in young people. When taking a break from writing, she creates micro poems and quotes. You can find her online at


I have not met him, yet I know him
through the eyes of other men and women.
The colours he emits when collided with
electrically charged elements is an eerie glow.

If given a day I would collide my fantasies
with his body full of charged particles
and make babies in fifty shades of green
crawling the skies like green caterpillars.

His manner urges one to seek him from
where days are shorter and nights are longer.
I would scotch my skin to witness him charge.
I would freeze for the dance in the winter blues.

Someday we would make out in the north
other days we would be discreet in the south.
I would do anything to feel him through me
as if I were the skies of further north or south.

He comes as the bright shades of the rainbow;
my mood stone will never turn grey or black.
Through him are the gods and goddesses of
excitement, romance, commitment and healing.

I have yet to meet him, yet I know him
the man who rarely comes in red or blue
and when he does, I will peak in awe –
my Aurora Borealis, my Aurora Australis.