Stefanie Bennett – Three Poems

poet2Stefanie Bennett has published several books of poetry and has poems appearing in Illya’s Honey, The Fib Journal, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Shot Glass Journal, Poetry Pacific, The Provo Canyon Review, The Galway Review, Kalyna Review and others. Of mixed ancestry [ Irish/Italian/ Paugussett-Shawnee] she was born in Queensland, Australia. Stefanie has been nominated for a Pushcart. Her latest poetry title, 2015 is ‘The Vanishing’, published by Walleah Press.


Forget me. Place me upon your un-wanted list.
Tell your friends. Tell your family;
This stranger was no more than fiction.

Forget me. My words set your head aching.
Your body, a testimony of too much ruin.
Your young heart, fit only for breaking.

Go now! Speak with authority and confidence
On how to escape from the twin selves.
Take love’s grey ashes and bury them deep.

Laugh again, even if the laughter be shallow.
Buy back your spirit. It will be cold – but
No matter. Put on a warm front.

This is what you wanted! Your ghost has slipped
Within the key-boards of memory. There’s just
An odd chord you’ll hear occasionally.
____________________Ignore it.

Forget me. Forget yourself. The shutters
Go on creaking. The new moon is ablaze.
The night lawn is silver. Inside the room
______________The lamp is raining.


Sometimes, all the moon
Is to
Let down her hair
The ‘river
Of time’…


They broke the rhyme
When they made him.
Slit rhetoric length-ways.

He could have been
A jetsam mine buoying
__________Both sea
__________And shore,
Or a bee-keeping landlubber.

He could have taken killing
More seriously. Praised
Basho. Thumbed up a purple heart.

He could have wed Erato.
Visualised. Escaped
His own dire custody.

He could have painted deft
Sunsets leading off
To a promised Calvinism…

Succinctly, he almost did.
Hybridised as mouse
And man. Migrated –

A giant among the filaments.



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