Alfonso Colasuonno – Jazz

poetAlfonso Colasuonno is a writer, actor, and entrepreneur. He is a partner in Old Forgotten Art Found, a startup set to launch in 2016 that will film a worldwide hunt to find and repatriate art plundered during World War II. His fiction and poetry have been featured in various publications, including: The Milo Review; Pretty Owl Poetry; The Eunoia Review; and The Camel Saloon. He lives in the New York metropolitan area.


The saxophones don’t blare anymore
The trumpets don’t either
That electric guitar Miles did,
Nope, not on the stage
Not like in my younger days
When I heard the great ones
And you look like one of them
Guy named Brubeck
Dave Brubeck
Great musician

See, I’m not hard of hearing
Even though I’m old
Okay to call me old
Don’t have to say advanced in years
Or elderly gentleman
Old’s fine
Yeah, I hear them still just fine
Not on compact discs
On vinyl records
The way they’re supposed to be heard
On stereo, or mono
There’s a difference
You know the difference?
I can talk for hours with you, son
The sound’s got to be crisp
You can’t listen to Dizzy on a CD
You can’t listen to Louis on a CD
Duke, you can’t listen to Duke like that
See I lost my collection
Out in a fire
Burned everything up
Out where I was living in Coney Island
But I’m getting them back
One by one
And I hear them just fine.

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