Francis Annagu – Two Poems

poetFrancis Annagu is from Nigeria. He studied at Kaduna State University. His poems have featured in Black Satin Radio and PIN.

Some of his poems have been widely read in Poetry Readings in Nigeria.


Below peaked crests of riveted rocks,
We trek through deserted lands,
The dehydrated soil, mired,
The unbearing vines, roof-tall,
And thriving seedling of dried and sour

Gropping on the torrid-teeth
Of the dark, without beacon sun to path,
Or the overpassing breeze from Sahara,
From thirst to hunger, skelped by plaque,
From ridge to ridge in surmise,
We longed about,
About barrened homes bequeathed
To the silence of our children, fingering
To nothingness of crepuscular clouds.
They wondered for rains,
For times of companionship

And, like landloping graverobbers
Ripping through the suburb-yards,
We tilled out pebble crumps eaten by ants,
Feebled and vained and wounds we itched
Bled from our blood sucked by the leech.
When under Iroko of memories, we dreamt,
We saw a camp fire we circled in warm’t,
There was the chestnut laughter broke on
Sown in sand, bulbing from morn
To sun in season blossom, but we dream.

O come rains!
O come rains!
Our harvest baskets are full of pain,
Sobbing through deserted lands.

A boy snuffling with flare to sky,
Acrid smell of cracked
Heavens rumbles thunder in mighty
Ocean-noise of rains
Into the womb of our languid bones. Upon
eagles’ wings we measure out
our wanderings
And tears, scattered along
Boulevard of famine, now wet
With ‘palm-oil’ from the sky.

Now we shall hoe our lawn,
While the showers bath us with love.
We rest under our sun-rise smiles.


Before night falls
I will pluck
You down, you have bent
Me low, stooped like a
Rusted rod. From
Nipple of the sun
I long for the morning droplets,
Before hides,
The night
I will fall you down,
Look warrior!
I will fall you down.




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