MichaelMichael Nolan (b. 1950, in Dublin) recently retired from a lifetime spent in education. He was  Principal of a Jesuit Special School for nearly the last twenty years of his teaching career. He also studied Law and was called to the Irish Bar. He has lifelong interest in writing and literature.

Hungry Days

Let’s start.
Calmly, turn left, then 2nd. at the roundabout.

An antique whirling world.
Anguleme, your mountinous roads
are womanly.

The beasts eat in the Colleseum
Pagan, Christian, taste  like
unrequited agnostics.

I prefer the women.
They are so much softer.
They bring me home.

I cannot taste faith,
only  pulsing flesh.
Another day, a new day
as it will be, as it was.