Aine Ni Mhaoileoin – Christmas Drinks

19Aine Ni Mhaoileoin lives in Galway, Ireland and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Writing at NUIG. Previously, she graduated from St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, with a B.A. in Humanities and completed a P.G.D.E in N.U.I Maynooth in 2009. Aine has twice won the Six-Word-Story competition in The Irish Independent and her flash fiction has appeared in The Sin and Ad Hoc Fiction. She is presently working on a number of longer creative projects, with a view to a career in writing.

Christmas Drinks

By Aine Ni Mhaoileoin

Cider was my first. Sipped with my cousins in Granny’s shed; the exquisite taste of fitting in.
Hennessy once had me face-planting my turkey dinner; to no-one’s amusement but mine.
Rum secreted in a flask singled me out around the festive table; bad tidings were brought.
Iced-Tea, the Long Island variety, had me dancing around the tree; the lights burned when it fell.
Sambuca stole my virginity in the season of giving; I received more than I asked for.
Tia Maria was my friend one year; but she threw me down the stairs at the office party.
Martini left me shaken and stirred; when my car ploughed into a wall before midnight mass.
Absinthe was a dinner for one; afterwards I mistook the guard for the ghost of Christmas Past.
Serenity prayer is what gets me through December now; that and the court-ordered meetings.



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