Wendy Gist – Sweet Languor of September

WG New MexicoWendy Gist is the author of the chapbook Moods of the Dream Fog forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, 2016. Pre-publication orders available soon (Feb. 22 – Apr. 15) via finishinglinepress.com.

Sweet Languor of September

Caterpillar nests cape willows
capturing conflagrant sun
light into tangles of nerves.

Sunflowers climb the skirt of noon,
ruled with painted ladies,
blonde heads moving to the tune

of coyote song fused within warm leaf breeze
as swarms of wasps from the gallery
of cottonwood trees (green at periphery

of gold) extend another bough of sound:
running water ruse tumbling at limb’s arch
out to continual clouds flat as paper.

Shattered bottle shards glimmer amber
under an alligator juniper, bark scales
creeping bars of light that sail

through elbow-high periwinkle wild
shoots, ruffled, fragile as sea urchin
shells and sometimes

faced with robust deer
like divine boulders in an empty space–
all of it unfurls

through the sweet sweet languor of September.





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