Matt Mooney – Two Poems

mattMatt Mooney was born in Kilchreest, Co. Galway. He has lived in Listowel since 1966.  His first book of poetry ‘Droving’ was launched at Writers’ Week, Listowel in 2003. He read at The Baffle Festival, and the West Cork Literary Festival and in Victoria, Canada. His poem ‘The Instrument’ was read on Radio One by Ciarán Mac Mathúna. ‘Stepping Away’ appeared in West 47. He was in the top 30 in the Poemhunter contest a few years ago. His second collection of poems ‘Falling Apples’ was launched at Writers’Week, Listowel in 2010.It’s available for purchase on line at Original Writing Ltd, from Kenny’s Books online and from Amazon. It can be downloaded as an e-book as well.  He has read and performed poems in The White House, Limerick, at poetry Slams including Baffle, Cúirt, Writers’ Week. His poems have been published in Feasta, West 47, in The Applicant, the First Cut and The Galway Review online and in the anthology Galway Review 3 2015. His third collection of poetry ‘Earth to Earth’ was published by the Galway Academic Press in 2015.


A fistful of fine white sand
from an exotic strand
slipping through my fingers
without any feeling –
that’s what you were to me
the last few times we met,
incognito to each other
on the streets of town.
You’d think I was invisible
to you as you passed by,
fading away out of reach
into the passing crowd
as if it wasn’t real
that we knew each other;
as if we had never met at all.


Father of a boy and girl
busy in the playground
down in the Cows Lawn,
launching them high up
on the swings for a fling;
in the air a floating tyre,
a seat for his little queen –
on her own chair-o-plane;
allows lad and lass ad lib
move on to further thrills
over on a merry-go-round
which he sends spinning
with one flick of his wrist –
children orbit under him,
practice runs for later life
when the time for take off,
for following their dreams,
intervenes between them –
as they go on wider orbits.




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