Pat Jourdan – Welsh Chapel Protest

pat jordPat Jourdan won the Molly Keane Short Story Award and was second in the Michael Mc Laverty Short Story Award. Two novels, two collections of short stories, six collections of poetry . Her next collection of short stories, ‘The Fog Index’ is out in 2014.


Welsh Chapel Protest

450 Welsh Chapels praying,
their breath rising above the blackness,
the wildness of prayer
from the prim buildings between Aberporth and Epynt,
compressing their angst,
the change from quaint Victorian problems
to cutting-edge technology.
The prestige of being the first in this airspace
sending a battery of prayers
as drones ascend higher, ever higher
in a parody of prayer
the devil’s advance above any air.

The silly work of praying
for people they will never know,
so far, so near to here.
The international sameness of the sky,
its boring clouds.
The smell of freshly-whitewashed chapel walls
as daffodils above coal
wait for the blaze of sunshine
and the cup of espresso waits
beside the drone-controlling computer.



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