Alan McMonagle – The Hitchhiker

1337662697-almcAlan McMonagle is best known as a short story but he also writes poetry. Alan has been invited to read his works at events and festivals both in Europe and the US. His second collection of short stories ‘Psychotic Episodes’ has recently been published by Arlen House.


The Hitchhiker

I had been sitting for hours upon a roadside stump
(somewhere between Mountbellew and Ballygar, I’m sure it was)
in thrall to conspiring wrens and a crow’s lofty advice

when they pulled up. Four of them, blotchy and shrivelled,
and ancient-looking as the witchgrass in surrounding fields,
crammed into the belly of a Fiat 127. A door clicked open.

‘In you get,’ came the raspy voice and I wedged
myself between the lank-haired pair in the back.
‘You’re a nice-looking boy,’ croaked the one to my left,

a gargoyle with mulch for teeth and a furry nose.
‘How far are you going?’ I asked the one behind the wheel.
The others looked at me, feral-eyed and puckering,

tittered together, nodded their crackly heads.
‘Don’t you worry,’ squawked the one to my right, as she rested
a twitchy claw upon my knee. ‘We’re going all the way.’


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