James Martyn Joyce – Scryer

12James Martyn Joyce is from Galway. His first collection of poetry ‘Shedding Skin’ was published in 2010 by Arlen House.His collection of short stories ‘What’s Not Said’ was published by Arlen House in 2012.




She proffered the mirror in a thousand shards,
said it must be buried before light,
where four fields meet, to lay the curse.
Made me promise to choose well,
her nail-grip holding me, my heart
a pounding rush behind my ribs.
‘Bury it deep,’ she whispered.
‘Keep nothing of it, ever.’

She told me how she’d brushed and brushed,
used a torch to raise up icicles of light,
swept every last particle,
the gleanings of the floor,
wrapped everything in her oldest blouse,
shook the knotted bundle in my face,
her low hiss urging: ‘Go!’

The moon is a watching eye
as I stumble the rushy hill,
I know the spot, I’ve chosen well:
a dry-stone angle where neighbours touch.
I’ll push her bad luck down to hell,
wait for her lips to save me.



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