Don Mac Namara – Ode to Seamus Heaney

donnDon Mac Namara, studied Medicine UCG. He was graduated with MB Bch BAO degree 1973, after that he completed various postgraduate medical training disciplines until 1980. Then he joined Defence Forces and was appointed on 6 tours of duty in Lebanon with UNIFIL. He has been dabbling in writing since college days.

Ode to Seamus Heaney

His words are sliced in brown
Sliothars from the bog
He fashioned crucans ,
Let them dry
In the soothing of his mind
And when the wind hardened them ,
He phrased and parsed them in rooks
And placed them against the
Cottages leeward side.

And when Winter came,
As inevitably it would ,and always will
We cast these brown ingots on the fire
To blaze at each blazing hearth :
A light to enlighten us
In the vale of vexations :
To warm us in the Winter of our souls
And burn the rage and bitterness that crushes  the heart

And these sods will burn and flame forever;
Wherever there is pain , injustice desolation
Even where a verse will not stop a tank
Or  still a missile in the sky

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