Martin Burke – I.M.

Digital StillCameraMartin Burke was born in Limerick. Burke is a long term resident of Flanders where he is active as poet and playwright (and sometimes actor) and from where he has published sixteen books of his work in the USA, UK, Ireland, and Belgium -the latest work being BLAKE/LONDON/BLAKE published by the Feral Press, New York


And the road
Is emptier now

Not even a shadow
Though one falls on this page

Where my fingers should be
As numb as my heart

And not have this duty to attend to.


It goes into you
Like the shock
And after-shock
Of anything
That batters your heart
Like the rush of up-winds
At the cliffs of Etretat
Or any edge
You stand close to
And feel the temptation

To step into air
To walk on a shimmer of light
To take a chance on airy nothingness
As if it was
The true gravity of the world.


And now
Now there is elegy

Aftermath and sorrow
A regret for the unsaid

Which can, perhaps,
No longer be said

Or can only be
By absence and abstention.


Now someone else
Must bear the weight of light

Must craft the wind from the shore
The music of the shell’s within
The muted music of a stone

And lift us past aftermath
To that immediacy of light

Hovering  where we hover
About an absent gravity.



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