Two poems by Daniel Sammon

Daniel Sammon lives in Renvyle, Co. Galway. In November 2011 he came up with the novel idea of publishing a book of 60 poems to celebrate his 60th birthday. Two years previously, in 2009 to commemorate the long struggle for Irish Independence and Freedom he walked across Ireland from Renvyle to the GPO in Dublin. He found that walk so interesting and wrote a book about it and called it ‘My Great Walk Across Ireland’. The book was launched by Minister Eamon O’Cuiv in May 2010.

Two poems by Daniel Sammon

The White Strand

To walk along this sandy beach
That grace’s Renvyle shore
To break from toil and rest awhile
Brings joy to my inner core
This idyllic place that’s full of grace
Takes me back when as a boy
We played with sand
And it was so grand
My heart was full of joy
Now that I am growing old
If the truth was to be told
It still fills my heart with glee
To sit for a while in beautiful Renvyle
Looking out at the islands and the sea
In a place like this time stands still
To enjoy this beach, folks forever will
Though I’ll be long since gone
My soul will soar, over this beautiful shore
Whispering a lovely song
So I’ll rise and go
Where the clouds hang low
And join with my ancestors
Going through the gates
To meet my mates
As soon as one registers
St. Patrick’s Hill I can see it still
With the white church at the cap
Mweelrea mountain and the islands
I’m counting
Will forever remain on the map
So respect this beach
It’s God’s holy ground
You are so lucky
This place to have found
And if you enjoy the exhilaration
Leave it ready for the next generation

My Friend Pat Walsh

(Special poem dedicated to the memory of Pat Walsh)

He didn’t own a car
and never flew with Ryanair
for the trappings of wealth
he didn’t at all care
he started lobster-fishing
while still just a boy
to be out in his curragh
was his special joy
He was the possessor of
a vast amount of knowledge
he loved poetry and stories
though he never went to college
whatever he told you
it was from the heart
when he was in his prime
he had his own ass and cart
He always stayed local
and never travelled far
he must have been fifty
when he first sat into a car
When the lobsters were plentiful
he loved to have a pint
telling stories and singing
he could hold his own with a giant
He was going to get married
but he was always too busy
to fend for himself
was enough without Lizzie
He was good with the scythe
at cutting the hay
but his heart’s first desire
was out fishing in the bay
He never bothered with the tools
of a carpenter or mechanic
but he knew many facts
concerning the Titanic
After more than ninety-two
he is now in the clay
he was a very plesent man
what more can you say!

*Pat Walsh died on the 8th Sept 2012 and is buried in Tooreena, Renvyle. RIP


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  1. Simple primary school stuff – good enough and much better than some of the double dutch poems with all the indecipherable words.

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