steve2Steve Moore is a freelance writer and poet. He writes for many on- line poetry sites such as Elbow Lane and he is an avid member of The Dublin Writers Forum. Steve has previously written for magazines such as The Big Issues and Irish Music Press. Steve uses his unique position as the youngest member of a family of fourteen and as a police officer to portray his life experiences in a truly distinctive way.


A Good Day To Die

Cloudless skies
warm breeze
rain on vacation
the living ease

Simple needs
transient ways
social skill rebellion
twin days

Common days
we live for
special days
we’d die for
Today’s a good day to die.


Escape This World Of Men

Wash your eyes out, my young man
wash them good and clean
you’ll see right through
the magicians cloud
you’ll see what they really mean

We nearly had it all, me lad
we held it for a while
but just when it was
closing in
they pinched it from our grasp

Some had more than others ,kid
some had more than sense
but instead of knowing
what they had
they were busy saving face

There’s liars everywhere, boyo
liars all around
they will use, accuse, abuse
your trust
for the sake of a meagrely pound

Escape this patronizing world
escape this world of men
were our overwhelming
want for more
will lead to a tragic end.

There’s always hope, with the rising sun
hope of a brand new day
when regardless
of our differences
we all begin the same


He Nods

He nods at the simplest question
he frowns when it’s not his turn
A mediocre politician in the making
an opinion for everyone

He says that he will help you
he insists it’s not for fun
This vastly experienced gobshite
unfortunately, not the only one

He waffles for a living
he lies just to exist
A subhuman interpretation
of an exceedingly superior twit.


Oh, the devil is about

Oh, the devil is about
and he is not letting me sleep
Restless I lie
on a bed of glass
Turn one way
then the other
Stare at a dark ceiling
Curse you and them
curse anything really
Oh, the devil is about
and he has invaded
my thoughts
I am blinkered again
and helpless to sleep
Should I awake
the princess beside
or deal with the pain
of the uncountable sheep
Oh, the devil is about
I can hear him downstairs
He blows at the window
and laughs with the gulls
Then finally silence
a blissful place here
Till the devil reappears
bleep, bleep, bloody bleep.


Forever Sad

I sit and wonder what I’ll be
will I be blind unable to see
I feel so sad and misunderstood
like a flock of geese amongst a dove
I awake sometimes to sunshine
but none of this is really mine
I sit and stare and say nothing
My feelings lost, I need something
One day good the next day bad
Am I going to be forever sad?


She Smiled Today With A Tear In Her Eye

She smiled today with a tear in her eye
she smiled for your salvation
Some say she stood on shoulders
sometimes it was hard to stand at all
An illness born soon after her
a life abducted by cancer

She smiled today with a tear in her eye
she smiled for your redemption
A family facing, complete ruin
is strengthened through her convictions
A daily torture routinely braved,
surely an angel in the making

She smiled today with a tear in her eye
she smiled for your contentment
A swindled girl ,lifeless limbs
whose innocence was surrendered
I smile today with a tear in my eye
for her battle, it has ended.


Irlande Nil Point

Wondering away silently
of pleasures once obtained
My thoughts turn to my eyes and say,
“you’re being framed”.
Like a lonely gum in the urinal
abandoned, soon after birth
our politicians have licked their toads too much
and have fallen from the cart.
They chased that squirrel far too long,
they’re feeling tired,
what little nuts they stored away
you’re being fired.
Don’t bother ringing Joe today
you’re not from Clontarf
and sip your tap water slowly
while waiting on a dart.
Go back to the house that’s worth two pence
and remember days of yore,
Collins, Connolly, and Larkin turning still
as we become, a German whore.



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