Anna Maria Mickiewicz (UK) poet, writer, editor, translator, and publisher (Anna Maria Mickiewicz Literary Waves Publishing, London). Her poetic works have appeared in the following journals in the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Italy, and India. Her first collection of verse was published in 1985. Since then, publications include short stories and essays: Okruchy z Okrągłego Stołu (Breadcrumbs from the Round Table) in 2000, Londyńskie bagaże literackie in 2019, and verse collections Proscenium in 2010, London Manuscript, published by Poetry Space, Bristol, in 2014 and The Mystery of Time, published by Flutter Press, USA 2019. She belongs to poetry groups in London: Enfield Poets, The Highgate Society’s Poetry Group, Exiled Writers Ink. As part of this activity, she often presents her works at poetry events. Honored with the Gloria Artis medal for Merit to Culture by the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity, and The Joseph Conrad Literary Prize (USA).

desert rain in London

i long for a radiant rain
rain of salvation
field rain

a spruce smell dry
it has died forgotten
the light of the city breaks through the dusk

we run away thirsty
there is no chill on a damp morning
asking the goddess Hora for grace
for the rhythm of nature

is it Spring or Summer?
the desert air blurs my eyes

London, in May

Socrates faces cold weather in March

Socrates is lost in anxiety
this is because
of war
of today’s cool philosophy

his friend Mr Green was in the hospital

his heart now beats at an even pace
he returned
made a fireplace burn again