Margaret Kiernan is 2021 Best of The Net Nominee for Creative Non-Fiction. She writes fiction, non-fiction essay, memoir, and poetry.

She has had poetry and prose published, in hardback, in e-book, online. Literary Journals and magazines.

She has multiple stories and poems in anthology collections and cultural publications…..

Verdigris Over-spill-

Potato blight time

Crushed with small indents the jug is covered
in Verdigris of limestone wash,
spilled over time.

The handle wide to fit into the farmers fist,
He scoops from the full barrel, pours with intent
into the copper budget sprayer, leveraged on the rim.

Pump handle kept in motion
as he walks, he pushes his weight
against the potato stalks.

His knees shiver against the
wool of his wet trouser legs
soon hard from copper sulphate spills.

Blue rime etches along his coat, that healing liquid
prevents speckled stalks of fungus mush.
Flies buzz loud in the summer day

Margaret G. Kiernan