Kevin McManus – Everything was this Moment

Kevin McManus is a poet-writer from Leitrim in Western Ireland.
He has published six novels, a collection of short stories and two books of poetry.
His first collection is entitled “Spirits in the Forest”.
His latest poetry book called “The Hawthorn Tree” is published by Lapwing Publications, Belfast.
His poems have been published in various journals.
He is currently compiling a new poetry collection for publication later this year.

Everything was this Moment

The white sash window was open slightly,
it was early May.
The net curtain waltzed back and forth
like the swash and backwash of a wave,
as the early, fresh and clean Summer air
flowed in.

It was quiet, almost silent apart from
birdsong from the tree in the garden and
the flutter of the green leaves.
The afternoon light that shone through
the curtain landed on a spot on the brown
flower-patterned carpet.

Everything was in harmony,
everything was this moment.



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