Louise Renwick – Two Poems

Louise Renwick is an unknown female poet in her 30’s who lives in Blessington, County Wicklow with her husband and three young sons.

She has been writing creatively since she was a child, and pens both short poems, lyrics and songs. Louise enjoys writing reflectively about nature, love and life and likes to reflect on the big meaning in life’s small moments.

She is not afraid to chase the darker thoughts within and spills them onto the page with honesty.

My dormant friend

She lies dormant, somewhere within my core;
Primal, explorative, raw.
Laying buried beneath the levels of life that dim her flame.
She is both me, and of me;
The fibres and the tapestry.
Yet I send her to the deep within
And name her Unnecessary,
Frivolous, Indulgent.
From her chances of liberation she gifted me three children,
And offered me blissful escapes from the monotony of life;
The constant need for control and order.
I locked away all that she can teach me,
Afraid to follow her spontaneity
Her impulsive instincts-
Favouring more my rigid boundary
And the famine of time that feeds her captivity.
Oh but what I am denying by failing to honour her?
All light and dark parts of myself
Performing together in an impromptu symphony
Without pre-written notes or script or direction,
Instinctively strengthening our bond of togetherness,
My bond with myself-
Yes, she is glorious!
And I long to bask in her glory once more.

The Pathway

Follow the path
Until there is no more footprints
Or trodden earth to follow.
Decide your course,
There is no wrong way to go,
Only onwards.
Your internal compass guiding you
Towards the body of water behind your view,
That sings to your soul,
Calling you like a siren.
Breathe in her melody of stillness.
Then return,
To the dense dark forest at your back,
The tangled branches that weave and grow-
And find peace there too.
The bass and drums to compliment
The water’s sweet song,
Beautiful when played together,
No part ignored.
Shadow and light,
Stillness and noise,
Note and pause.


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