Steve Lang – Occasionally

Though from Scotland originally, Steve Lang has traveled widely, especially in Africa, and currently lives in El Salvador with his family, where he works as Director of a well-known international school. Steve’s second collection, Curanetena, has just recently been published by Resource Publications. Poems from it were originally published by Ariel Chart Literary Magazine; ‘Plum Tree Tavern’, ‘Grand Little Things’, ‘Oddball Magazine’ ‘Unearthed Literary Journal’, ‘The Galway Review’, ‘Indian Periodical’, ‘BeznCo’, ‘Cherita’, and ‘Chiron Review’.


Very occasionally,
At least for me, arrives
That feeling of wanting
To be nowhere else,
My heart being full
To that point, at which,
I am careful it shouldn’t spill over,
Which, in itself, should tell you something;
But even more
Should the rarity of it,
For which, in truth,
I have no-one to blame
But myself.



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