Robert Pegel is a husband and father . He turned to poetry to make sense of the unimaginable. He writes about the mysteries of life and death and spiritual matters. Robert went to Columbia in New York City where he was an English major. He lives in Andover NJ. Robert has been published in Trouvaille Review, Bluepepper, Ariel Chart, Down in the Dirt and The Unique Poetry Journal. He has work forthcoming in Adelaide.

Turned to Stone

Staring zombie-like
through a windshield wet
with winter slush.
Contemplating nothingness
and lack of purpose.
Nothing can make it right anyway.

Get through the day to day
Then it’s night time
all over again.
The hardest time.
Where memories haunt
and my mind
won’t shut down.
Longing lingers
and what ifs
bring doubt.

Forced sleep doesn’t come easy.
Reluctantly awaken to face
a new day.
No way to avoid it.
How I wish I could hibernate

Stuck in a recycled bad dream
that never takes a day off.
No way out.

Can’t change reality.
So have to alter my perception
or be frozen forever.
Stuck without a plan.
In a world
I don’t understand.