Daniel Sammon recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Writing from NUIG. It was late in life when he discovered he had a latent talent or a hidden love of the written word. Not long after his first book was published he had another five written, including a book of poetry.
Apart from writing he is engaged full-time as a rental property manager and a limmo driver taking people on tours all over Ireland, especially Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Dublin and Killarney. He’s keenly interested in history, heritage and folklore; these together with meeting people from every corner of the globe keeps him well supplied with material for his writing pen.

The White Strand

By Daniel Sammon

To walk along this sandy beach
that grace’s Renvyle shore
to break from toil and rest awhile
brings joy to my inner core

This idyllic place that’s full of grace
takes me back to when as a boy
with bucket and sand it was so grand
my heart was full of joy

Now that I am growing old
if the truth was to be told
it still fills my heart with glee
to sit for a while in beautiful Renvyle
looking out at the islands and the sea

In a place like this time stands still
To enjoy this beach, folks forever will
Though I’ll be gone for long
my soul will soar, over this beautiful shore
whispering a lovely song

So I’ll rise and go where the clouds hang low
and join with my ancestors
Going through the gates I’ll meet my mates
as soon as one registers

St. Patrick’s Hill I can see it still
with the white church at the cap
Mweelrea mountain and the islands
I’m counting will forever remain on the map

So respect this beach, it’s God’s holy ground
You are so lucky this place to have found
and if you enjoy the exhilaration
leave it ready for the next generation