Fiona Neary recently completed her first book, a memoir of growing up in a family that fostered in the 1980s.

She is a member of creative writing groups in Galway and was a recent guest reader at Over the Edge.

There is a want

by Fiona Neary 

She brushes the lace lightly
With the back of her wrist
Imagining the hands that will remove it later.
Hers or
Not hers.
She smiles
Feeling fingers moving along her stomach and hips.

Holding the matching bra
She considers the price tag and
The red strap
Being lower from her shoulder.

Tapping the small hanger on her cheek
She feels her want stir
Ready to
Be discovered
With rhythms that bring her to joy.

Middle aged
Swaying between the aisles
With her want.