Jesse Mavro Diamond ‘s poetry has been published in many journals in The U.S. Her awards include first place in Eidos magazine’s international poetry competition for “A Very Sober Story,” The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival’s “One of Ten Best Poems in the U.S.” for “Swimming The Hellespont. She was a finalist for 2014 Lascaux Poetry Prize and included in The Lascaux Prize Anthology 2014 for “Chetwynd Morning.” “An Elegy for Devron,” was musically scored by composer Mu Xuan Lin and premiered at Jordan Hall in 2008. For many years, Mavro Diamond has taught writing courses in Boston area colleges and high schools. She currently teaches English at Boston Latin School.


for my father

When time has left behind its final beat
Time will go on.
When numbered sheep give out their final bleat
Peace will be won.
When night comes home on swollen, leaden feet,
when each step has been measured and is done
Lay your weary head upon this sheet
Pain will be gone.

I cannot lead you where I pray you go.
I cannot know if stars light up that street.
When you wake there gaze for a moment below,
Blink, show me where one night we will meet.
Then turning as a deer might, leap! and run
until your dark eyes become moonlight and the sun.