Javed Alam is a UK based poet and physician. He writes in the language of common people, about their ordinary thoughts and about their ordinary insights. He has found a medium, through poetry, to explore the Philosophy of life, Kashmir, and three-pound universe the Brain.  His poems have been published in literary journals and magazines ( print and online) as well as in anthologies in the U.K, the USA, India, Ireland, and Canada. He is also a board member of a UK literary journal “The Beautiful Space-A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry.”

Time has embroidered

Time has embroidered, your face,
On the canvas of my mind,
With the exquisite threads
Of my memories.

Every day, helplessly, I stare
At your silhouette, standing
In the courtyard
Of my dreams.

Every day I hear the echoes
Of your voice,
In the attic of my mind.

Every night I weave the net
Of my dreams,
And cast it widely
In the sea of your eyes.

At night you watch, like
A white moon, at the forest
Of my solitude
Of my longing.

At night your fingers, like
A violinist, vibrate the strings
Of my soul, create a music
Out of my chaos.

Take my heart
And break it like a mirror,
And you will see your face
In every shard.

Here, guarding the casket
Of my memories, with a light basket
Of my dreams,
I nurture hope.