To Paint is the Artist’s Meditation

Artists strive for seeing in the now. The now is the external world around us. The mind’s eye is the internal world within. Some artists create their works by living between these two realities. Bud is a wildlife artist that draws from the reality of the external world.
He had lived over eleven years in the deep Alaska wilderness where he experienced that external world. Now, Bud is able to draw from these experiences and use his internal world to give his many subjects the feelings of their moment in time while living on this earth. Bud believes; He needs to always paint his subjects totally free, as every creature needs to be.
Bud Root-Michels
Bud taught art classes at the University of Alaska, Anchorage while running his own business as an illustrator and graphic designer for many Fortune 500 corporate clients. Bud lived in Alaska for over twenty-two years.
Bud Root-Michels is the son-in-law of the late Ernie O’Malley of Co Mayo. He and his
Lovely wife Etain are currently in lock-down in Santa Fe New Mexico USA, enjoying a lot of solitude and sunshine.
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Swan Lake By Bud Root-Michels Charcoal, Sumi Ink, Acrylic and 23K Gold Leaf 20” x 16”

Misty Morning By Bud Root-Michels Charcoal, Sumi Ink, Sculpted Back Ground and 23K Gold Leaf 14” x 11”

Evening Shadows By Bud Root-Michels Charcoal, Sumi Ink, Acrylic and 23K Gold Leaf 16” x 20”