Michael J Leach – Maternal

Michael J Leach is a poet and senior lecturer at Monash University. Michael’s poems reside in Cordite Poetry Review, Meniscus Literary Journal, the Medical Journal of Australia, Medical Humanities, GRAVITON, Otoliths, Plumwood Mountain, the Antarctic Poetry Exhibition, and elsewhere. Three of his poems have been anthologised in Still You: Poems of Illness and Healing, One Surviving Poem: Forty-Two Poets Select the Poem they Most Want to Survive, and No News: 90 Poets Reflect on a Unique BBC Newscast. Michael’s debut poetry collection – a health-themed chapbook – is forthcoming from Melbourne Poets Union. He lives in his hometown of Bendigo, Australia.


In memory of Judith Carolyn Leach (1953-2020)

been the heart
of this close-knit clan.
You wisely lead, fiercely defend,
generously give, wholly love. You’ve gone well above
and far beyond to make us three children and our dear Dad feel as special as royals.
You’re a skilled antique dealer and natural teacher⁠—
you taught us how to live & write.
Your strong spirit lights
paths forwards
& soothes

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