Originally from Scotland, Nicola Geddes studied Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art, and Cello Performance at the London School of Music. Based in County Galway for the past twenty five years, she works as a cellist and tutor. Publications include: The Irish Times, Crannog, The Galway Review, Crossways, The Blue Nib, Skylight 47 and Poethead. Awards include: Special Commendation – Patrick Kavanagh Award 2017, Highly Commended -2018 The Over the Edge New Writer of the Year. In May 2019 she won the Irish Times’ New Irish Writing.

In Praise of Grey

Far from black and white
now the season of grey
in all its rainbow light

sea grey, rain grey
wet granite day grey
pewter, silver and slate

I love the softness
the uncertainty
things lose their weight

into hooded crow grey
low cloud so grey
feather, dust and smoke

today I lost three islands in the bay
half of this poem
and my keys, too, went that way

into hearth grey, house grey
earth grey, mouse grey
shadow, ash and lead

But I will find traces
grey only misplaces
Loss wears a cloak
of a different shade.