Sarë Gjergji lives in  Kosovo. He has done literature studies in the University of Pristine and got a Master’s degree from the State University of Tetovo in FYROM. Currently he is attending PhD studies in literature in the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. Macedonia. Since 1994 he has published seven poetry books and several literary review books as well. His poems are included in many poetry anthologies in Albanian, Romanian and German languages. He is one of the main organisers of the annual literary and cultural festival “Takimet e Dom Mikelit” held in his home village, Stubëll e Epërme.

 Eh Sarë!

It doesn’t matter, with a glass of wine
or homemade raki*,
you are proposing a toast
to life- the salt of death
or to death- the salt of life.
Escaping from yourself is always horrible

*Raki is an unsweetened, often anise-flavoured, alcoholic drink that is popular in Kosovo

A Soul Prayer

(or daily bread)

You appear with your blazing dress,
like a sudden pain,
even the trees in the garden blossom joyfully, Eva.
In the brightness of your eyes
there is the milky sun,
the moon,
the rain,
the wind,
the sea
And home of all worries.
Heartbroken Adam,
tormented in silence,
prays endlessly on his knees
for you to return to your own genesis …
Just as from Adam’s rib
You were born you in Eden, Eva!

Don’t Forget

(To my daughter, Jehona)

If you want to understand what is freedom,
try to compress in your palm
the limbs of your body
And you will learn how by an insane zeal
genocide is perfected.
“The homeland is still wandering
With the look of an idiot”.
Be wise!

Translated by: Kujtim Morina