Matthew McCabe – soilseacht

Matthew McCabe is a music professor at the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, United States. He is a technologist, composer, and writer who performs and records with the band Wolf & Clover among others. He has been studying Irish for three years, and would like to acknowledge his Irish teachers John Feeney at Fairfield University and Barra Ó Scannláin at the University of Alberta, as well as (literally) everyone at Oideas Gael in County Donegal for continuing to help him along the way in achieving his lifelong dream of learning Irish.


a chuisle mo chroí
burlálann teanga do shúile geala síocháin umam
chomh gorm le hoíche gheimhridh 

beidh aisling chrosach ar mo bhrollach
do cheann ina chodladh 
agus do chorp go suaimhneach orm
le racht áthais eadrainn
chomh dearg le do chuid gruaige

a bhrionglóid mo shaoil
snámhfaidh mé sa bhréag dhíomhaoin seo 
chomh bán le do chneas

agus titim den tolg





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