Ilire Zajmi – Two Poems

Ilire Zajmi is a writer and journalist from Kosovo. She studied journalism and mass communication in Pristina University. She has published many book of poetry and novels. Also, she has published “Amnesia”, Corpos Editora, Portugal, 2011 in English; “C’est la fin”, l’Harmattan, France 2014, in French and “Un treno per Blace” (A train to Bllaca), La meridiana, Italy, 1999, as a co-author with the Italian journalist Filippo Landi (about the sufferings of Kosovar refugees in 1999). Currently she works as Head of Education Centre in the public Radio-Television of Pristina.

Advice to myself

Don’t expect that all the men who fall in love with you
call you courtesan when lust darkens their eyes.
Don’t trust anyone by your feelings.
Don’t pretend that you know it all.
Learn something useful for yourself.
Celebrate even for trivial reasons.
Don’t be bothered with daily routine.
Don’t leave home without putting on earrings,
lipstick and cherry perfume.
Forgive a lot.
Forgive yourself for your mad behaviour.
Don’t be silly.
Accept your own shame.
Don’t hide anything from the mirror.
Be human with those who like you. Stick out your tongue
at the snobs and hypocrites.
Don’t kiss someone who spends only one hour with you
because it’s worthless.
Discover mysterious places to hide from the crowds,
everyone needs their own nook.
Never regret. Don’t seek pardon for your mistakes.
Don’t put the blame on yourself for other’s faults.
If possible, don’t sleep without having sex.
Feel that you are a queen on your throne.
Read what you like and don’t trust the taste of others.
Take care of your ego, Musine,
and fight till the end for what you believe.

Unknown Helen

I am an unknown Helen
No one remarks my absence.

No man killed for my beauty
and didn’t try his strength in a duel.

A war trophy or a victim,
did not result from the beauty of my body.

No one devised a Troy Horse,
no city was burned for my fault.

I am an unknown Helen
who expects to be abducted by any Parid

I am a disdained woman,
an unknown Helen among you.

Translated by: Kujtim Morina



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