Melanie Simms – The Mathematics of Chance

Melanie Simms is an award winning poet and Poet Laureate Emeritus of Perry County, Pa. Her awards include a Richard Savage Award (second place) from Bloomsburg University, a Vermont Writers Studio Scholarship, among others. She has published in a wide variety of journals, newspapers, and magazines including Blood and Thunder Literary Magazine, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Taj Mahal Review, among many others. Currently she is pursuing her MFA at Seton Hill University in Writing Popular Fiction. Melanie is the author of two books of poetry; “Remember the Sun” (Sunbury Press) and Waking the Muse (Outskirts Press). She enjoys spending time with her son Chris, who works for Homeland Security, and is currently seeking employment with the Secret Service. In her spare time, she also enjoys swimming, writing letters to the editor for her local paper, and eating really good food!

The Mathematics of Chance

The gods of chance
Have left me skewed
My distribution, variable!

With ranges far, and ranges wide
My navigation’s terrible!

My compass finds no peace of mind
With scattered correlations
And so I seek outside the range
for divine inspiration.

And set my course upon the sea
and find an island near

and meet the bearded wise man at the board of “here” and “here”
with pi’s and squares and soft brown hair
he sets me on a path,
and off I go, and lose myself
and then we have to laugh!

In final desperation
I call out to the gods,
Shesheta, Horus, Thoth,
Please invoke
mathematical thought!

But they do not reply
And I find myself dismayed. just
a lonely outlier on the shore of “can’t be saved.”

Alas I have concluded:

I may never know the measurements
precisely of the trees
or calculate the finer angles found within a breeze
but my mode of transportation
will be my heart and soul
and no matter how I calculate
I am destined for my goal!

So skew me right or skew me left
or hit me with a pi
But know this now and know it well
I’ll aim my chances high!



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  1. arialigi says:

    Lovely and very lyrical in tone and rhythm. I love the references to pi etc. Honor and read this!

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