Richard W. Halperin – One step at a time

Richard W. Halperin‘s most recent collections are Quiet in a Quiet House, Salmon/2016; and Prisms, Lapwing/2017. A new collection Catch Me While You Have the Light is listed by Salmon for Autumn 2017.

One step at a time

For Joseph Woods

One step at the time a man
Walks with his new-born baby,
A girl as it happens,
And why should anything happen?

The first glimpse of anything
Is the last glimpse.
Some of these reappear
Of themselves, sometimes.

‘Runes’ is a word
I have to keep looking up,
Everything is a rune,
So the definition is too clubby.

An ink blot at the bottom
Of the page of a fine poem –
I think tonight of Woods’
‘Something new about the Grey Heron’ –

Is a peer of the poem,
Like the tea leaves my mother
Used to love to read,
Never to be decrypted.

Experts are paid to decrypt
The Andromeda Galaxy,
With no more brains
Than anyone else.

I see a man walk up a hill
With his new-born baby.
Never to be decrypted.



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