writer1Fiona Perry‘s fiction has been published in Anthologies of Award Winning Australian Original Stories, The Irish Literary Review and Into the Void amongst others. Forthcoming Tahake Magazine. “Reach” is her first submitted poem. She was born in Ireland but currently lives near a volcano in New Zealand with her family.



I call out in crashing waves
of breath, through
the trees
floating wet leaves
rustles and sighs, I said
remember me? I was
in the trumpeted calls
of your sapphire

in the distorted love
of your parents
the strength of your sister
and the healing
of your spouse
now I am swimming
through the tree-tops
towards you
hovering in the space between
agave and succulent

shimmering in tarmac heat
to answer you
to tell you
in the bulging
membrane of the lake
you are made
perfectly imperfect
why else
would you
to reach