20161003_160954Billy King is from Tuam in County Galway, Ireland. He lives in Galway City with wife, two kids and dog. He writes poetry and prose. He has been long listed for Over The Edge New Writer of the Year and has had a poem published in The Rose Magazine.


Madrid; Plaza de Toros
Dawn as yet unbroken. Heavyset truck
Rests under towering Moorish wall
Amongst shit encrusted papers, syringes
That brought brilliant junky dreams overnight

An ammonium aroma rises of the granite steps
Descending from my vantage to the ring below
Another fragrance blending with reassuring
Smell of Spanish sewer that grows
With emerging morning heat

I never set eyes upon you
Only saw your steady breath escape
From an opening in your latted cage
No time for pity
Your fate set

Luck may bring sacrifice
Of an ear, maybe two.
You are dead already
The afternoon now
Only for celebration

I cross over; at Cesar’s I toast your bravery
Crunching churros, creamy coffee, death row
Meal on your behalf.Heads of beastly beauty
Look down from overhead. Smooth pincered
Horns shinning, even in this half light

Your breathren observe with glass eyed
Indifference. But, I’ll shed no tear
For you, today. Only hope
Your bravery shines through and
You can join them on their elevated perch

I drink back my coffee. Take up my bags
And take leave of this place
No looking back, as I leave you
To your destiny
Your birthright


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