Edward Lee – Four Poems

POETEdward Lee‘s poetry, short stories, non-fiction and photography have been published in magazines in Ireland, England and American, including The Stinging Fly, Acumen and Smiths Knoll. His debut poetry collection Playing Poohsticks On Ha’Penny Bridge was published in 2010. He is currently working towards a second collection.


Your emptiness fills our bed,
barely leaving space for me
or my ideas of lust
and love, of safety
and desire. Of hope
and sanity.

Your emptiness, born in the core
of all you wished to be,
is so vast,
there is hardly any space
for you,
as your indifferent apology fogs in the air.


You came to our love
like a cannibal,
knife and fork in hand,
moonlight shining off your teeth.

When you had your fill of me,
you wiped your mouth on my ripped clothes,
and walked away,
already searching for your next meal,

never knowing I wanted you to keep eating
until my own hunger
disappeared inside you.


That place I go,
when I go,
is empty,
empty of sound,
of light,
of life.

I find peace there,
when I can find it no where else,


I can’t go there too often,
or for too long;
I do not know why.
It is a question I have never asked,
for there is no one to ask,
and the answer I might receive,
if there was an answer to receive,
would be no answer I want
to hear, an answer to shatter
my ignorant bliss.

That place I go,
that place I tell no one about,
I fear it doesn’t really exist,
tor when I go,
there is nothing there,

not even me.


Pen to paper results
in finger to key,
keys, words following words,
seeking some meaning beyond themselves,
beyond myself,
an attempt to make some sense
of the jumbled alphabet
that plays dyslexic scrabble
in my brain.

I need my words to mean…
something, to be worth…
so I can feel some worth
in this world,
so I can believe
that some of my breaths
are worth breathing,
some of my words
will mean something to some stranger
I will never meet,
or know.

What madness, such
looking for a release of sanity
in a rearranging of words.




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