Daniel Klawitter – Four Poems

DeaconDanielKlawitterphotoDaniel Klawitter has a BA in Religion Studies with a minor in theater arts from the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico and a Master of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. He is also the lead singer/lyricist for the indie rock band Mining for Rain (www.miningforrain.com). His poems have been published widely in literary journals and magazines in Australia, the UK, and the United States, including: The Australia Times, Blue Collar Review, Carty’s Poetry Journal, The Penwood Review, Shot Glass Journal, and Wayfarer: a journal of contemplative literature. He is a member of the Colorado Poets Center and his first full-length poetry collection, A Poet Playing Doctor, was published in 2015 by White Violet Press. A second full-length collection, Plato Poetica, will be published by White Violet in the Spring of 2017.


It is a made-up word.
It means: 13 ways
Of baking a blackbird
In a pie. Layers upon layers.
And beneath the crust
A festival of flavors:
Earth, worm, seed, sky.

The density of it
Does you a favor:
You taste compression—
And concentration.
Distilled like whiskey—
Now condensation
Gathers on the glass
You vaguely resemble.

A poem hugged snug
Is a pig in a blanket!
A single poem can wear
So many clothes
Other poems are naked.

Not all are
Equally skilled
At seduction.
Some poems wink—
Others reek
With the pungent stink
Of skunk.

And sometimes,
It just implodes
Under the weight
Of sound and sense.
The poem with
Cake-like ambitions
Collapses and shrinks—

Goodness Gracious

Silence made everything resonate.
-George Prochnik

It is so quiet
The landscape itself
Seems pious:
The holy hills,
The prostrate fields—
Even the flowers
Bow their ostentatious
Heads in silent prayer.
And in all this humble
Goodness graciousness
I find myself there:
A clumsy, cursing
Looking at nature.
And what is worse:
The quiet seems
My place in it

That Damn Goose

This should not be taken lightly, we have had reports of broken noses,
broken ribs and even deaths caused by Canada geese attacks.
-Ohio Geese Control website.

I swear that damn goose with the glassy eyes is out to get me.
So much foul madness in such a ferocious fowl.
Every time I walk by, he starts to high-step like a Nazi.
I watch him warily from the safety of the balcony,
As Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries plays in the background.

That damn goose is as strong as Zeus, with his thunderbolt beak
And his hissing mouth of Hades. Can geese have rabies?
I swear he is half-cobra with his arching neck and venomous face:
The rough and brutal beast foretold by William Butler Yeats—
The most vicious Canadian goose in the entire United States.

Go Cat Go!

If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed,
the stream would have no song.
-Carl Perkins.

If it wasn’t for Carl Perkins—
That finger picking star
Of ardent arpeggios
On his Gibson guitar—
We wouldn’t have
That contagious
Cool cat serenade
About those famous
Blue suede shoes
That rocked the country
From the humid heat
Of his home in Memphis, TN.

The toe-tapping
Son of sharecroppers
Forsook the fields
And became the Dixie fried,
Awesome apostle
Of rockabilly’s gospel.
Can I get an amen?
Glory Hallelujah!
Listen up all mama’s children:
Just a Little Dab’ll Do Ya.




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  1. smzang says:

    So very much enjoyed each poem. They feel real.

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